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Episode #32: Rivals- Judith Leyster vs. Frans Hals (Season 3, Episode 1)

Episode #32: Rivals- Judith Leyster vs. Frans Hals (Season 3, Episode 1)

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Rivalries are inherently fascinating, because they typically affect not only the individual rivals themselves, but also a whole ecosystem that can grow up around a rivalry-- spurring it on, and enabling it.  Some of the greatest artists in history have engaged in some seriously curious conflicts. What causes these rivalries is fascinating and vast-- is it art and creativity? Is it money and patronage? Or is it simply ego? And are the artists really in conflict with one another, or does it just appear that way, to us, or to their communities? How have rivalries impacted art?

Today, we are starting an all-new season of episodes dealing with some of the wildest and most complicated rivalries in art history, beginning with the purported feud between Northern European heavyweights Judith Leyster and Frans Hals.  

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This is the first of three episodes in collaboration with Sartle. Sartle encourages you to see art history differently, and they have a plethora of incredibly fun and informative videos, blog posts, and articles on their website.

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"Gravity" by Borrtex is licensed under BY-NC 4.0; "Vivace solenne" by Dee Yan-Key is licensed under BY-NC-SA 4.0; "Alternative Facts" by David Hilowitz is licensed under BY-NC 4.0; "Lost Forest" by Julie Maxwell's Piano Music is licensed under BY-ND-4.0; "Storm Passing" by Podington Bear is licensed under BY-NC-3.0; "La tapa del viernes" by Circus Marcus is licensed under BY-NC-3.0; Ad music: "Little Lily Swing" by Tri-Tachyon is licensed under BY 4.0

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Episode #33: Rivals- Raphael vs. Michelangelo (Season 3, Episode 2)

Episode #33: Rivals- Raphael vs. Michelangelo (Season 3, Episode 2)

BONUS: Jennifer Dasal on "Genius" at CreativeMornings RDU (August 2017)

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